“All Things Capital” Segment – Alternative Wealth Partners’ interview with Kelly Ann Winget, Founder/CEO.

Apr 11, 2024

From the New York Stock Exchange studio, New to The Street’s “All Things Capital” segment with TV Hosts Jane King and Kortney Murray, CEO/Founder of Coastal Kapital, interview Kelly Ann Winget, CEO/Founder of Alternative Wealth Partners (“AWP”). Kelly Ann explains her inspiration for starting Alternative Wealth Partners, acknowledging that small businesses are the economic engine and the backbone of the US economy, with limited capital access. With over 15 years of experience in private equity and alternative asset funding, Kelly Ann saw the need for a fund that invests in real estate, oil/gas, private lending, and other tangible asset classes. She started AWP in 2020, and the Company’s funds give capital access otherwise unavailable through traditional sources. Women are now becoming more involved in the capital markets, taking steps to educate themselves about money matters. With more confidence and understanding of financial methods, women increasingly make investment decisions. Women should not consider themselves timid or risk-averted but should be calculative on an investment decision when all financial information is available, making a final money-related decision. Kelly Ann enjoys working with other women to help them meet their financial goals. As an emerging/diversified manager of diversified private equity funds for investors who want exposure to the alternative investment space, Kelly Ann understands the barrier to entry into the industry. There are over 25 million millionaires in the US, and these individuals are part of the fund’s demographic. Kelly Ann enjoys working with these accredited investors to help them source diversified alternative asset-class investment strategies. Kelly Ann understands capital and the due diligence needed to make an informed investment. The AWP fund typically invests $100,000 to $250,000 into sound alternative assets. The fund’s only investments are alternative asset classes, not stock, bonds, or cash. AWP just launched its newest fund, AWP Diversity Fund II LP, which seeks direct investments into businesses and properties in energy, manufacturing, real estate, and infrastructure space. With Kelly Ann and AWP, an investor can make an alternative investment in a cross-section of asset classes, getting a variety of industry exposures and capital returns in aggregate. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Alternative Wealth Partners (“AWP”) – https://www.alternativewealthpartners.com/.

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