American Made Products – American Rebel Holdings, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AREB) ($AREB) interview with Andy Ross, Chairman/CEO.

Oct 4, 2023

America Rebel Holdings, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AREB) ($AREB) Chairman/CEO Andy Ross is with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. From the Nasdaq MarketSite studio, Andy talks about AREB, a NASDAQ publicly traded company that makes “American Made” products. Recognized as “America’s Patriotic Brand,” the Company has several product lines, including safes. A recent FBI raid on the home of a suspected participant on January 6, 2021, at the US Capitol Building revealed a disturbing issue. A competitor’s safe, Liberty Safe, was in the home, and the FBI contacted that manufacturer about the make and model, and then Liberty handed over data to open the safe without proper legal premise. Andy explains to viewers that the Company would request appropriate legal service if the FBI contacted American Rebel regarding its Champion safe. Andy informs viewers that American Rebel believes in the United States Constitution and those rights inherent to Americans. Privacy is essential to every American, and if the FBI served the Company, Management would fight the legal subpoena under constitutional grounds. American Rebel would never hand over proprietary safe codes. Demand is up for the Champion’s safes because of this FBI incident. American Rebel’s Champion Safes are affordable and reliable. Another soon-to-launch American Rebel product, “American Rebel Beer,” is coming to market. The US Beer market generates around $44B yearly, and American Rebel Beer is looking forward to breaking into the US Beer market. The roll-out of its lager and light beers will be regional, with the expectation of becoming national in 2024. AREB is working on other beer flavors, with roll-outs expected in the months ahead. During the Show, Andy announces his new Music CD, “I Stand for You,” which can be heard on airwaves or downloaded digitally. The American Rebel Beer jingle will air soon. Viewers can learn more about the Company’s mission and products through its strong social media presence, websites, and websites like and The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit America Rebel, Inc. –

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