“Artist & Authors” with Douglas Anderson, CEO/ Founder at “Wall Street Capital Partners,” who interviews Mr. Bradley Birkenfeld, Author – “Lucifers Banker UNCENSORED.”


A first-time segment, “Artist & Authors,” appears on this week’s New to The Street with TV Host Douglas Anderson, Founder at Wall Street Capital Partners. On film location at the famous Eight and A Half Restaurant, 37 W 57th Street, New York City, Douglas sits down with Mr. Bradley Birkenfeld, Author, to talk about his book “Lucifer’s Banker UNCENSORED.” Bradley is internationally known for being the whistle-blower who revealed to the US Government tax cheats using Swiss Bank accounts. With degrees in economics and finance and his work experiences with Swiss financial institutions, Bradley became aware of cross-border irregularities. He soon became disgusted with wealthy, well-known American billionaires, Hollywood actors, and US politicians using the private Swiss banking rules to hide money from taxes, spouses, and business partners. Bradley resigned as UBS’ (United Bank of Switzerland) Director of North American Business Development because his complaints about US account holders went unanswered. He eventually had enough, and he explains his journey in exposing about 19,000 US citizens holding about $20B in assets in Switzerland. He then pursued the US FBI/DOJ, US SEC, US IRS, and the US Senate with his information, which eventually led to numerous subpoenas for US citizens holding accounts in Swiss Banks. Bradley’s book “Lucifer’s Banker UNCENSORED” gives a true-to-life, thoroughly detailed report of his journey and experience as the whistle-blower on US citizens holding undisclosed Swiss Accounts. The interview is a fascinating behind-the-scenes discussion about the private Swiss banking industry and the US justice system. Bradley Birkenfeld’s website https://lucifersbanker.com/ contains more information and a link to buy the book – “Lucifer’s Banker UNCENSORED.”

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