Artist – Hope Tian Oil Painting’s interview with Hope Tain, Artist/Owner.

Sep 27, 2023

New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King, from the Nasdaq MarketSite studio, interviews Hope Tian, Artist/Owner of Hope Tain Oil Painting. Hope was born and raised in Beijing, China, and in the late 1990s she moved to the US to pursue her graduate degree in New York State. In 2011, Hope painted a portrait for her son as his birthday gift; she realized her talent and pursued her art career. As self-taught and working with oil, Tian creates beautiful art depicting portraitslandscapesseascapes, and still life, anything that inspires her. Tian explains that she visualizes each oil canvas painting before beginning each artwork. Inspirations can come from the Master artists or the simplest of events in her life, but LOVE provides her with the most inspiration for her creativity. Art taught Hope anything is possible, and pursuing her passion becomes a fulfilling career. She is grateful for her family, friends, other artists, and the art gallery communities, all providing support and influential inspiration for her oils. Currently living in Massachusetts, artwork done by Hope Tian is available for sale, or you can commission her talent for your unique and personal piece of art. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Hope Tian Oil Painting –

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