Augment Reality (AR) Technology Platform- Rokid’s interview with Misa Zhu, Chief Executive Officer.

Mar 12, 2024

Rokid’s Chief Executive Officer, Misa Zhu, talks with New to The Street’s TV Host, Jane King, about the Company’s augmented reality (AR) technology platform, Max Pro Smart glasses, and other AR product offerings. Using Optical See Through (OST) technology, Rokid has developed a robust AR-based product ecosystem. The Rokid’s Max Pro Glasses are lightweight, only 76 grams, have excellent pixel resolution, and resemble traditional eyewear in appearance and experience. Max Pro glasses boast spatial interaction AR capabilities and enable end-users to enact gestures and auditory interactions, catering to mobile office scenarios with additional features like multi-screen displays and virtual keyboards. Rokid’s AR Studio, comprising Max Pro glasses, Station Pro, and AR Joy. Many industry developers are using the Rokid spatial computing platform for AR applications. One of Japan’s larger telecom providers uses the AR platform to create new customer user experiences. Business enterprises and personal developers continue to utilize Rokid’s ecosystem, a distinguished AR landscape, a different and unique experience beyond Apple’s Vison Pro virtual immersion. Misa shares Rokid’s future and a commitment to advancing its ecosystem with continuing investments in content creation tools and developer support initiatives. Rokid’s industry success comes from its comprehensive technical groundwork, seamless integration with various use cases, and robust AR ecosystem. Rokid holds 30% of the global market in the AR spatial computer industry. The on-screen QR code is available during the shows; download or visit  Rokid –

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