Jane King - Host, New to the Street

ana berryNew To The Street with host Jane King brings weekly C-Suite innovators, CEO’S and Founders on to showcase where they are at and how they are impacting the world around us.

Ana Berry - International Spokeswoman and Multi-Media Journalist

ana berryA Tulsa native, Ana Berry’s entertainment career spans internationally as an actress, TV Host, multi-media journalist, dancer and singer. She graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Acting from The Theater School at DePaul University in Chicago and went on to pursue a media career in Los Angeles for 5 years. From LA she went to NYC and started her company, Ana Berry International. Ana has worked in NYC as an on-camera spokeswoman for multiple companies such as Avon International, Sotheby’s International Realty, Canon Electronics, American Express and many more. Her journalism career started in LA when she created a digital travel show, American’s Gypsy and was a published travel writer for Peter Greenberg Worldwide and AOL Travel. In NYC, she received her certificate in Digital Journalism at NYU and she was a reporter for WCBS, PIX 11 and the morning anchor and cultural correspondent for Ebru Today *(an international news channel.) She also is an EmCee, hosting events such as the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), Avon International Galas, Sotheby’s International Annual Award Shows, as well as multiple events for the Israeli Consulate in NY. Ana has been with New To The Street since its inception and is thrilled to be one of the anchors and traveling correspondents for Exploring the Block. Since coming back to Tulsa in 2015. Ana has co-hosted Good Day Tulsa, Auction Network and has been the video and trade-show spokeswoman for multiple brands through Pennwell International. Ana is the creator and host of #Unscripted, Oklahoma’s Premier Digital Talk Show, where she produces (and shoots, edits and hosts) weekly short segments about great people, places and things in Green Country, all shared online and on RSU Public TV. Ana is also the host for the game show, I Want Answers; an Academic game show and Film Noir Theater on RSU Public TV and was the spokeswoman for Route 66 Chevrolet and the Tulsa Opera. She currently is the on- camera talent for Tulsa Today; showcasing local businesses and events.

Ken Evseroff - Television Anchor

JournalistsKen Evseroff is a New York city based journalist, radio reporter, and television correspondent and anchor for New To the Street. Prior to that, Ken has 25 years of professional experience with broadcast communications. Ken has worked for CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX 5, WNBC, WPIX, UPN 9, FUSE TV, MTV, Bloomberg Television, CNBC/The New York Stock Exchange, MTV, EXTRA and numerous other TV stations as a handheld/ PED Camera operator. Ken has served as on-air reporter for the Associated Press radio network. Additionally, Ken has worked as a writer and producer for WCBS Newsradio 88 and anchor, reporter and field producer for WNYC-TV. Ken is a graduate of The New York Military Academy, and SUNY New Paltz.

Erica Ferrari - Television Anchor

erica ferrariErica Ferrari graduated Marymount Manhattan College and stepped right into a NYC news career. Erica has worked as an anchor, reporter and/or writer at News 12 – Bronx & Brooklyn, Fox News, NY1, Current-TV, CNBC.com, CBS Newspath and Al Jazeera America. Currently, besides an anchor at New to the Street, Erica is a news anchor at 710 WOR radio and a reporter at WPIX Channel 11.

CJ Papa - Television Anchor

cj papaCJ Papa grew up in Roslyn, New York and graduated from New York University where he received a degree in Journalism from the College of Arts and Sciences. CJ is the morning news anchor at Verizon’s FiOS 1 News. He enjoys reporting the news in the studio and out in the field. CJ is married to Dr. Anne Marie Ferrara, a general and cosmetic dentist in New York City. CJ is an avid tennis player and golfer and enjoys attending all types of sporting events.

Sarah Grace Sanders - Television Anchor

JournalistsSarah Grace Sanders is a Maryland born Host, TV Anchor and Actor who splits her time between NYC and Atlanta. She graduated from The University of Virginia with an Economics major and Middle Eastern Studies minor. She has studied with acting legends such as Wynn Handman, Anthony Abeson, and Bob Krakower. Currently, she co-hosts the show “What’s Happening New York” for the Society of Unique Artists and works as an anchor for New To The Street. You can catch her on Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Youtube series Cobra Kai, opposite William Zabka. SarahGraceSanders.com


FMW Media Works offers a thorough platform to cover all your IR needs utilizing traditional media; TV, print and radio, in combination with new media, to share your company’s vision. Part of our solution is, we follow companies and allow them video news magazine interviews to tell their story to the masses in a way that the average investor can understand the value proposition.

Schedule a discreet meeting so that our team can strategize with your company to assist in sharing your vision to the investing community.

FMW Media Works offers a thorough platform to cover all your IR needs utilizing traditional media; TV, print and radio, in combination with new media, to share your company’s vision. Part of our solution is, we follow companies and allow them video news magazine interviews to tell their story to the masses in a way that the average investor can understand the value proposition.

Schedule a discreet meeting so that our team can strategize with your company to assist in sharing your vision to the investing community.

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New to The Street is one of the longest-running US and Internationally sponsored T.V. shows along with its sister show “Exploring the Block” which is focused on Blockchain related news. It has been running across many U.S. Television networks and has been the one-stop place for every blockchain and cryptocurrency-related news since 2009. The show is operated by FMW Media Corp. which also handles its Twitter account and website.

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The TV program provides the CEOs or executives of a company with a platform to explain to the audience about their company, their product, goals, roots, visions, and more. Each episode contains a series of interviews conducted with founders and top executives of different companies. This questionnaire format provides the viewers with an inside look of the company’s functions, its business model, events that made the company what they are today, and their plans for the future. This gives a potential investor lot of data and information helping them decide whether they want to invest in the company and its product or not. A dialogue with the top decision-makers of a company clears various doubts any investor might have and instills a bit more confidence in their investment.
New to The Street focuses on small and mid-cap companies who are seeking to get the word out about their company and could benefit from a platform such as this. This medium helps in increasing investor awareness in a company providing them with funds and connections that will be helpful for the future. Apart from interviews, New to The Street also provides the latest news and happenings about new products, public company profiles, economic analysis, and a blend of business and financial services news which a viewer can follow and learn all they want about a particular company.

New to The Street is an informative show which keeps people updated but they can also follow its Twitter page or the website to get more information about a company or a digital asset. The website contains interviews with several different companies giving an insight into their company and explaining what the product is. Other videos show some of the most recent news related to Blockchain or cryptocurrency. You can also see the upcoming shows that will be airing nationwide on major networks.

The website has been the go-to place for people who want to stay updated with everything happening in the blockchain ecosystem, latest news about different companies, videos of interviews with executives of the companies, read its informative blog containing a lot of different articles, or keep a look at quotes of all the different digital assets available in the market.

The Digital Assets Quote contains a list of all the cryptocurrencies up for trade. It shows the current price at which they are being dealt, the changes that occurred in the past 24 hours, week, month, and year. It even tells you the market cap of that particular cryptocurrency, its volume, and available supply. It is one of the most comprehensive and complete lists of all the cryptocurrencies so that an investor can take advantage of all the information they have in their hands to make a potentially profitable trade.
New to The Street is valuable not just for the investors or the companies featuring on it but is beneficial for the whole crypto community as well. There is still a lot of misinformation and lack of awareness about blockchain and cryptocurrency around the world and New to The Street along with the show Exploring the Block is helping to break the stigma surrounding the technology. The show provides a stage for companies to market and advertise their product and services to the general public. Not only does it spark interest in an investors mind about the company, but it also makes people more knowledgeable about the technology, how it works, and how companies are using it to their advantage. In this way, New to The Street becomes strategically positioned to team up with publicly traded companies, initial public offerings, and investor relation firms to provide increased outbound investor marketing and acting as an extension to their investor relations services. FMW Media Corp, the company producing New to The Street gets compensated in the form of Tokens or shares of restricted stocks of the company profiled on the program.

From an investor’s perspective, New to The Street arms them with all the right tools needed for making a strategical decision about investing in a certain company or digital asset. Instead of jumping from site to site doing research, they can get all the information regarding the business model of a company, the values, and principles it was founded on, people that are behind the teams, and what is the future of that company. In addition to the company background, they can monitor the asset’s past activity as that is a key factor as well.

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