Boatim, Inc.’s (OTCQB:BTIM) interview, Mr. Joseph Johnson, CEO


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New to The Street T.V. in-studio NASDAQ interview with Mr. Joseph Johnson, CEO, Boatim, Inc. (OTCQB: BTIM). Talking with Host Jane King, Mr. Johnson gives an overview of the Company’s worldwide marketplace for everything and everyone involved in boating and yachting. With his moniker, “LIFE IS BETTER ON A BOAT,” Joseph explains the boating industry and the fragmented marketing and information available on goods/services and buying/selling boats. Now with Boatim’s digital footprint, both private and commercial boat owners can find what they need, eliminating hours of frustration. The website’s proprietary A.I. program app matches clients’ needs for services and purchases, enabling prospective buyers to get the boat and marine products they want. With over 100M boat owners worldwide in a $100B per year market, Joseph explains the importance of for all the boating enthusiasts. He expects to up-listing the Company’s stock onto the NASDAQ market, hopefully sometime in 2023.

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