Business Finance Firm – Coastal Kapital, LLC’s interview with Kortney Murray, CEO/Founder

Feb 12, 2024

From the New York Stock Exchange Studio, Kortney Murray, CEO/Founder of Coastal Kapital, LLC, talks about the Company with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. Jane and Kortney inform viewers about a new series coming to New to The Street, called “All Things Capital.” The show will focus on alternative and traditional capital sources, banks, wealth management, venture capital, private equity funders, family offices, and other sources. As a co-host, Kortney will interview people who have successfully navigated complex and rigid approval processes to get capital for business operations and expansions. Interviews will include those who have used Coastal Kapital and discuss how those clients met their business capital needs and improved their business operations. Women business owners seem to have more problems raising capital. Kortney will dive into these issues, interview successful women, and discuss their businesses and what worked and didn’t work in finding reliable capital sources. Coastal Kapital is different from traditional funding sources, and it’s a non-bank and non-credit report funding source that takes a hands-on “Human” approach to capital needs. Traditional banks use a 1950s creditworthy method to make loan determinations. In today’s high-tech world, this bank method doesn’t work, especially for influencers, e-commerce, FinTech firms, and others that banks view unfavorably, denying loan applications. Coastal Kapital can offer solutions when other traditional funding sources deny capital to business owners. Kortney prides herself and her team on looking at individuals and their business models and will decide on capital loans. Coastal Kapital uses a different set of algorithmic calculations from those used by traditional banks. Coastal Kapital’s system puts in other data sets that can develop a more comprehensive understanding of a business. Then, the team puts their “Human” approach to every client’s capital needs with the objective of funding the client’s business. Kostal Capital is successfully rolling out its affiliate program, which can offer its capital formation services nationwide. The new show, “All Things Capital,” will focus on capital funding and other topics like tax strategies, entrepreneurism, mentorship, and leadership roles. Viewers can expect announcements on airing dates/times on the new show, “All Things Capital.” The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Coastal Kapital, LLC –

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