CDL 1000 interview with Andrew Sobko, CEO, and Doug Anderson, Corporate Advisor.


New to The Street welcomes Andrew Sobko, CEO, and Doug Anderson, Corporate Advisor of CDL 1000. TV Host Jane King, from the Nasdaq Marketplace studio, interviews Andrew and Doug, learning more about the Company’s disruptive technological platform used in the shipping and supply chain logistics industry. Andrew explains to viewers how the CDL 1000 software continues to digitize the logistical shipping space. The platform can eliminate transportation bottlenecks and remove costly 3rd party services, creating a more fluid supply chain and reducing cost, fuel consumption, and time. The Company continues to provide ports and railyards infrastructures with better tools to manage the movement of goods. Doug states that CDL 1000 is No. 1 for shipping logistics in ports and is No. 3 as the fastest-growing Company on the “Inc. 5000” list. The Company is on track to take over about 10% of the US railyards and ports logistics market using the CDL 1000 platform, which continues to show industry-wide effectiveness and efficiencies. Drayage, a term in the shipping industry that describes the movement of freight containers from an ocean port to an inbound location, CDL 1000 made huge strides in changing the drayage logistical mode with cost savings and timely deliveries. A batch is a shipment measured as 1-100s. CDL 1000 can take the batch order and use its platform performance to improve the interface between shippers and carriers. With AI and real-time transparency, CDL’s platform ensures a perfect transportation mode with great prices, load rates, and freight times. The successful integration of railyards and ports utilizing the CDL 1000 platform can reduce transportation drayage merge costs by 20-40%, saving consumers money. Andrew has grown the Company organically without any outside investment capital but might consider outsourcing capital in the future. CDL 1000 expects more technological innovations, logistical growth, and acquisitions to continue growing market share and assist shippers/carriers looking for fuel costs and other time-saving benefits. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit CDL 1000 –

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