David J. Friedman, CEO/Founder of High Performing Culture, LLC, CultureWise®, and Author: “Fundamentally Different” and “Culture by Design.”

Feb 1, 2024

David J. Friedman is the CEO/Founder of High Performing Culture, LLC. (HPC), CultureWise®, and Author: “Fundamentally Different” and “Culture by Design,” is with New to The Street Leadership’s TV Host Matt Doherty in-studio at the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio. As a former CEO of a company that received seven “Best Places to Work” awards, an author, keynote speaker, consultant, and CEO/Founder of High Performing Culture, LLC., David talks about organizational culture, making it simple, practical, and actionable. Many years ago, David and his family started a very successful employee benefits company, and he realized earlier on that his family had the same business values and goals. When the Company grew, he quickly discovered that his newly hired employees needed to understand the established business goals, values, and culture. People think differently, but teaching employees how you want your business to run is vital to success. David realized he established a business culture environment, teaching practical business standards. His cultural input fostered a fantastic business reputation for excellent and effective customer service. He decided one day to take his employees on an off-site retreat event at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. A hotel executive spoke at the event, describing Ritz-Carlton’s successes. Each day, Ritz-Carlton’s employees, managers, and executives work together from a list of twenty business behaviors. They talk and teach one another about a listed topic. The daily routine built a thriving business culture. David took inspiration from the event and developed his unique fundamentals for success, a weekly routine, like a ritual, where behavioral practices become installed in each employee. David believes that values and behaviors have different meanings. Values like loyalty, quality, and integrity are abstract. However, behaviors like honor, respect, commitment, blameless problem-solving, and rational expectations can garner employee positivity through actions and practices. Like a successful sports coach, practice brings perfection, and a business leader must do the same with their employees and practice good behavior. A business needs to operationalize its core values into positive behaviors. David believes any organization can achieve a positive culture through leadership that installs effective daily and weekly routines, bringing everyone together. David and his team at High Performing Culture created CultureWise®. This turnkey culture operation system institutes a cultural platform that many organizations and businesses in North America use successfully to develop productive and positive work culture environments. David has two books he wrote, “Fundamentally Different” and “Culture by Design.” Matt Doherty informs viewers that “Culture by Design” is a must-read book for building a thriving and protective business culture. David Friedman’s leadership abilities enabled him to develop successful business cultures, sharing those award-winning leadership experiences, skills, and successes. Viewers and others interested in learning more about David J. Friedman can visit CultureWise™ – https://culturewise.com/ or scan the QR code during the show.

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