Decentralized Supercomputing – Dynex’s (CRYPTO: DNX) ($DNX) interview with Clifford Mapp, an Independent Technology Expert and Blockchain Pioneer.

Feb 7, 2024

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, Clifford Mapp, an independent technology expert and blockchain pioneer, talks about Dynex (CRYPTO: DNX) ($DNX) with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. Clifford explains Dynex’s technology platform that can provide supercomputing services to everyone and every industry at a fraction of the cost. Dynex offers a decentralized supercomputer platform, disrupting the supercomputing hardware and software legacy industries. Using a neuromorphic blockchain-based algorithm on its DynexSolve Chip, Dynex creates quantum-level computation services that can solve complex problems. Clifford says that neuromorphic networks use logical gateways to process information, mimicking the human brain in collecting and understanding information. Dynex Marketplace is a decentralized platform where anyone can access the system; end-users pay Dynex according to the time needed to process a computational outcome. Generally, Clifford states that it costs about $8 for a 3–5-minute runtime on their system, is very affordable, and results provide valuable data. An automotive company uses Dynex for a virtual reality wind tunnel. Instead of paying millions of dollars for construction, maintenance, and administrative costs for a wind tunnel, the automotive engineers engage Dynex supercomputer services to create cost-effective and timely produced datasets on automotive designs. The medical and pharmaceutical industries can benefit from Dynex, giving information on cancer, genetics, blood, and drug use outcomes. A pharmaceutical company could use the Dynex in a matter of minutes to see data on how the human body maintains itself after a 10-year drug use. The financial industry is another example of an industry that can make immediate computations on stock market forecasting and other financial stats. The Company has an entire staff of professionals to manage and support any clients who need to formulate a problem-solving solution on the system. Dynex Neuromorphic Computing platform is decentralized, allowing for complex computations without expensive infrastructures and providing cost-effective outcomes. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Dynex –

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