Empire Capital Token’s interview with Mr. Lachlan Harnell, Chief Operations Officer (COO)


New to The Street T.V. air on this week’s show is Anchor Jane King’s interview with Empire Capital Token’s (CRYPTO: ECC)($ECC) Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Lachlan Harnell. $ECC is a multi-faceted, yield generation crypto company offering Defi as a service (Defi 4.0). Lachlan explains how the Company can assist in various blockchain applications using its Defi solutions. Currently, the Company provides blockchain developers farming, infrastructure, and other Defi solutions. The main objective at $ECC is to get more people into the crypto marketplace, making more users feel confident about crypto transactions and investments. The $ECC ecosystem offers end-users a platform with a decentralized focus and offers easy access to crypto solutions for payments on goods/services. The Company is developing its “Roundify” app, which offers a Defi access platform on iOS and Android, expected to roll out later in 2022. Lachlan talks about $ECC tokenization and the 9% fees generated on the buy-side and the 10% fees on the sell-side transactions, and he breakdowns the use of proceeds on those fees collected. The Company’s treasury will buy back tokens, raising the $ECC prices that allow an investor a Rate-of-Return (ROI) on their holdings. Empire Capital Token removes the need for active management by the user by creating opportunities to diversify holdings in projects focused on maximizing staking/farming yields. Users gain the advantage of broader exposure to the yield farming sector while only needing to own one token, $ECC. The crypto world is fast-moving with many advances and changes; Lachlan states, “the industry moves at the pace of the fastest sprinter.” $ECC offers developers and end-user alike the opportunity to be involved in a cutting-edge Defi entity. The Company currently operates its ecosystem on the Binance exchange and Ethereum blockchain. To learn more, go to the Company’s website, https://www.ecc.capital/.

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