Fandifi Technology Group, Inc.’s interview with Mr. David Vinokurov, CEO and President.


New to The Street TV has Mr. David Vinokurov, President / CEO at Fandifi Technology Group, Inc. (fka- FANDOM SPORTS Media Corporation) (OTCQB: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) (FSE: TQ43) (“Fandifi”) on the show. He sits down with TV Anchor Jane King for an in-studio Nasdaq Marketplace interview and explains the Company’s crowd base and system-generated prediction fan engagement platform. David stated that the Company’s recent name change from FANDOM SPORTS Media Corporation to Fandifi offers a better description of its technology platforms than sports-related applications. The prediction and NFT rewards ecosystem can provide other types of content providers with ways to increase consumer engagement on brands, viewership on shows/media, fans on live sports, and e-sporting events. David talks about the most recent arrangement with digital media incubator Yoruba Media Labs, and how that relationship should offer more avenues for platform integration. While using the Polygon blockchain, Fandifi can mint NFTs and offer an NFT marketplace as a unique way to enhance brand recognitions with a growth strategy further. Fandifi is positioning its overlay prediction technology ecosystem as one of the premier go-to tools for fan engagement and monetization for the content creator community.

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