Financial Marketing / Investor Relations Firm – IR Labs, Inc.’s interview with Caroline Sawamoto and Alyssa Barry, Principals & Co-Founders.

Jan 17, 2024

New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King talks with IR Labs Inc.’s Caroline Sawamoto and Alyssa Barry, Principals & Co-Founders. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, IR Labs Inc. (“irlabs”) provides clients, who are public and private companies, with investor relations, corporate communications, corporate governance, and other financial marketing services. Alyssa’s and Caroline’s experiences as in-house investor relations representatives for several public companies enabled them to form irlabs. As a full-service firm, irlabs assists clients with their needs, from investor relations services, press release writings, media relations, social media management, road-show presentations, planning annual general meetings, and much more. Private companies also need irlabs services to provide a better corporate communications platform to inform investors about corporate ongoings. irlabs and New to The Street entered a media partnership, where irlabs clients can be part of New to The Street’s comprehensive media platforms. Many Canadian public companies have cross-listed on US exchanges. New to The Street has an influential and well-recognized media following that can bring visibility to irlabs’ clients. With TV broadcasting, digital billboard ads, target commercials, and social media marketing, New to The Street provides an excellent resource to help irlabs’ clients get their business stories told. The partnership between irlabs and New to the Street represents a strategic move toward strengthening the bridge between Canadian OTC-listed companies and US investors. irlabs has a global following of retail investors, institutional investors, family offices, and analysts. Financial marketing success is not just about stock price and liquidity appreciation. A critical success to irlabs is effective communication between their clients and their investors, communicating the goals and milestones, and being proactive on clients’ feedback regarding operations. irlabs seeks to help public and private entities get their business narratives foretold while training CEOs and other corporate leaders on effective communication with the financial markets. New to The Street and irlabs aim to provide Canadian companies listed on the OTC market with enhanced visibility and exposure to the US investor community. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit IR Labs Inc. –

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