FMW Media Introduces New Clients to its 2020 Network Broadcasts


FMW Media Introduces New Clients to its 2020 Network Broadcasts

NEW YORK, Dec. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FMW introduces eight (8) new
exciting blockchain crypto companies commencing TV series on “Exploring The
Block” in December 2019 and throughout 2020:

NativeCoin (N8V) – – NativeCoin will be used by Tribal
businesses, enterprises, gaming, sports betting, and Tribal ecosystems
worldwide to support daily financial transactions. There are over 560 Native
American Tribes and 460 Native run casinos in the United States.

CEEK VR – – CEEK VR is a distributor of cryptographically
authenticated immersive content and merchandise. CEEK’s device agnostic
platform is compatible with smartphones, Smart TV’s, desktop, Virtual Reality,
Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality devices. CEEK’s world class partners
include Universal Music, Apple and T-Mobile

MOR CRYPTO Exchange – – MorCrypto is a
cryptocurrency trading exchange with lending services that guarantees 5%
monthly ROI paid in Bitcoin. We are also building a cryptocurrency e-commerce
platform, a professional sports gaming app and a cryptocurrency mining farm
powered by our base coin MOR. The core vision of Morcrypto is to encourage
cryptocurrency adoption, stability in cryptocurrency earnings and a
marketplace where products can be purchased with cryptocurrency at ease.

Digital Assets and Commodity (DACX) – – Digital Asset &
Commodity Exchange leverages artificial intelligence and high performance
computing technology, optimized towards providing an efficient, secure and
compliant marketplace with product solutions for both institutional grade and
retail clientele. Our emphasis is on fractionalization of all forms of assets
and commodities via tokenization. To bring more opportunities for inclusion
for all types of investors; which in turn adds further liquidity to these
traditional markets.

Global Crypto Alliance (CALL) – – Lead Blockchain Dev &
Head of GCSecurity built CALL, the very first ERC777-based, multi-utility
token that was ever deployed on the Ethereum Network.  It represents a huge
leap forward in smart contract technology, by way of Ethereum’s progressive
ERC777 protocol (most likely to supersede ERC20) and features Batch Transfer
Capability. Packed full of unique & enhanced functionalities, CALL token will
be leveraged both inside and outside the GCNews ecosystem, facilitating voting
competitions in conjunction with several partner entities and expanding into
applications such as rental applications. For example, its smart contract can
unlock smart locks for clients AirBnB by simply sending ‘CALL’ tokens to it.

JDX Coin – – The JDX Platform is a next-generation
decentralized financial platform aimed at providing inclusive, fair and
efficient financial services through the use of its native cryptocurrency.
JDXCoin allows users to send payments directly to another party without going
through any financial institution. As an asset-backed token, JDXCoin will not
suffer the same problems with volatility as other popular digital tokens

SONOME (ONG) – – SOMEE.Social is a blockchain based
social dashboard that provides ease of control for both central-decentralized
social media networks.  It supports community building and social interaction
with cryptocurrency rewards

EZYStayz (ETZ) Applications – – a holiday rental
market powered by crypto currency based on blockchain technologies which work

Excited to offer a short televised segment about cryptos making news, featured
in 60 seconds, FMW introduces this new Segment titled, “CryptoMinuteTV.”

Marvin Baker, CEO of BGTV Direct, states, “The new televised segment will
prove to be a perfect and very powerful partnership between ‘Exploring the
Block’ and ‘CryptoMinuteTV.’   We plan to showcase our content and provide
investment and marketing opportunities to a worldwide audience and this
partnership expands our potential viewership to over 450 million TV households
both domestically and internationally.”

He further adds, “’Exploring The Block’ gives us a worldwide footprint in
China, Europe, South and Central America in addition to adding major business
news networks in North America. Our first feature segment will be on
BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. (Symbol: BFCH) and the grand opening of
their new crypto mining facility that will provide investment opportunities in
addition to selling and hosting miners in their new facility to our viewers.”

René Bogislawski, CEO of Global Crypto Alliance Ltd (CALL), states, “We are
excited to be partnering with FMW Media Works and W3BT, which will allow us to
broadcast our next-level, ERC777-based smart contract tech and disruptive
business models behind Global Crypto Alliance’s first product,, as
well as GCSecurity, our service responsible for cutting-edge blockchain
technology.  This collaboration will afford us the opportunity to showcase
what we’re all about to an absolutely breathtaking number of people around the
globe by being featured on ‘New To The Street,’ ‘Innovators with Jane King,’
FOX Business Network, and Bloomberg TV over the next couple years. This level
of exposure will also boost our awareness which other projects will be able to
engage or join our team to have their smart contracts upgraded from ERC20 to
the next level of ERC777 and more.”

Further, FMW Media announces upcoming broadcast for 1irstCoin (FST) on
December 8, 2019 on KRON TV Channel 4 San Francisco -Innovators morning
business news. 1irstCoin created one of the best global applications for
decentralizing cryptocurrency trading with its crypto-aggregator, whereas
users can procure decentralized transactions in the easiest way.

FMW Media extends a thank you to its business developer and coordinator Reese
Irish from W3BT for assisting on introducing and facilitating the start of
several new featured companies this month, December 2019.

About FMW Media:

FMW Media Corp. operates one of the longest running U.S and International
sponsored programming T.V. brands “NewToTheStreet,” and its blockchain show
“Exploring The Block.” Since 2009, these brands run shows across major U.S.
Television networks.  These TV platforms reach over 540 million homes both in
US and international markets.  Developing 2-additional shows “TheBestinNY” and
“The Ultimate Listing,” FMW commences new broadcasting in early 2020.

About W3BT (Web 3.0 Blockchain Transition).

W3BT believes blockchain technology is the future economic system and internet
infrastructure. Companies, Universities and other Organizations that integrate
blockchain technology into their working models are now disrupting their space
and securing their future success & relevance. W3BT integrates blockchain
technology into working models through their Tokenization process. Once W3BT
develops your token or if you already have a token you can become the
authority with W3BT’s powerful TV Marketing services for tokenized companies.
Get filmed on The NASDAQ Floor in NYC and then featured on FMW’s Blockchain TV
show: “Exploring The Block” which is aired on FOX Business, Bloomberg (U.S.
and/or International), iSUN Asia, KRON, Cumulus Media, Cultura Colectiva,
ionTV and more (potential reach of 2 billion people).

About TIDEiSun Group:

TideiSun Group, a global FinTech and media group, known for its global
resources and business model innovation, headquartered in Hong Kong with
branches in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and
Turkey, operate both public and private subsidiaries. TideiSun Group embraces
venture capital and private equity with creative token economy, accelerate
enterprise adoption of blockchain and AI technology, which bridges the gap
between digital assets and fiat currencies, and promotes the exchange and
management of digital assets.

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Stephen Simon
(631) 465-0284

TIDEiSun Group
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