Gamer INK Games’ interview, Mr. Rob Towles, CEO


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New to The Street T.V. welcomes Mr. Rob Towles, CEO at INK Games, for his NASDAQ in-studio interview with T.V. host Jane King. Mr. Towles explains how INK Games changes the current economic landscape in the gaming industry. Hosting some of the top gaming programs, INK Game allows all users the opportunity to make money. Their platform, the first of its kind in the gaming industry, now allows large and small gamers to participate in a monetary stake during their gaming experiences. He talks about the Company closing on a “Series A”round funding and the upcoming “Series B” round funding, using funds for growth, studio expansions, and attracting key employment talents. He talks about the Company’s game, “Price Kingdom,” a game full of fun and surprises, with a chance to win many prizes.

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