GlobeX Data Ltd.’s (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SWIS) (FRA: GDT) interview (NYSE) with Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO.


A second interview, on-set at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO at GlobeX Data, Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SWIS) (FRA: GDT), talks to New to The Street TV Anchor Jane King. Excited to be at the New York Stock Exchange, Alain explains the Company’s Sekur® solutions to prevent hacks. With cybersecurity options for emails, text messages, data securities, and password management, Sekur provides solutions for the growing cyber hacking problem. The Company’s controlled and owned encryption technology is part of all Sekur product lines for businesses and individuals. A key beneficial technology built into the Sekur email is the SekurSend feature. A recipient that is not a Sekur subscriber can receive and send communications without the fear of becoming victimized by hackers. This Sekur feature is available in the subscribers’ package for consumers and businesses alike for a monthly or yearly fee. 94% of hacking comes from an email breach. Using Sekur gives end-users confidence in not becoming hacked. Sekur does not use open public file services and open-source codes; the Company owns its servers, no third-party platforms, multiple data center redundancies, and no API (Application Program Interface). Alain explains that GlobeX Data does not have to comply with the 2018 US Cloud Act because the Company’s business platform operates under Switzerland’s constitutionally enacted very tough privacy laws.

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