GTX Corp CEO Patrick Bertagna visits New to the Street


New to The Street TV brings back Mr. Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp’s (OTCPINK: GTXO) CEO, who talks with TV Anchor Jane King about the Company’s core business, medical tracking, and monitoring. As a medical device provider and a leader in the innovation on health monitoring wearables, Patrick talks about the evolution and revolution at GTX to bring new medical devices to increase longevity – live longer, better, and healthier. The Company’s GPS SmartSole®, the core technology, focuses on people with cognitive disorders who can easily get lost and disorientated. The GPS tracker is hidden and sealed within a shoe which can locate those in need, giving family and care keepers a reliable product for safety concerns. The next generation of footwear products contains algorithms that monitor multiple human functionalities, sending and storing data on the GTXO’s cloud-based servers. End-users can feel assured that their data isn’t misused, typical of large open platforms like Google that sell personal data. As a pioneer in the field of health and safety wearables GPS human and asset tracking systems and a supplier of personal protective medical equipment, the market demographic for GTXO continues to grow both domestically and internationally.

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