Hemp Cigarettes/Hemp Products – Hempacco Co., Inc.’s (NASDAQ: HPCO) ($HPCO) interviews with Sandro Piancone, Co-Founder/CEO

Sep 13, 2023

Sandro Piancone, Co-Founder/CEO of Hempacco Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: HPCO) ($HPCO) appears on New to The Street’s 500th episode, providing TV Host Jane King and viewers with his corporate update. Hempacco’s mission is to become the largest disrupter of the $1T tobacco industry with its Hemp Disrupting Tobacco™ products. Recently, the HPCO entered a joint-venture agreement with music entertainer Snoop Dogg to create and sell a line of hemp-derived consumer products. The JV product “Dogg lbs” (pronounced dog pounds) is hemp-derived CBD and Delta-9 infused gummies that comes in 3-flavor profiles, blue/raspberry, cherry/lemon, and grape, available in 5-count and 20-count sizes. As the first of its kind in the CBD/ Hemp marketplace, “Dogg lbs” packaging has a QR code which immediately downloads an Augmented Reality (AR) video of Snoop Dogg talking to the consumer. The product launch was a great success at the recent Champ Trade Show in Las Vegas Nevada. Sandro further explains that the marketing plan is to continue to sign-up master distributors who have existing locations to place products. Currently, they signed three master distributors, New York, Chicago and one in Alabama who combined have around 100,000 locations. The distributors in the mid-west and south ordered about two truckloads of product, which equates to $1M. The Company expects to roll out further Snoop Dogg JV products currently in production. All packaging is childproof, featuring a QR code for AR video download. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; Hempacco Co., Inc. – https://hempaccoinc.com/ & https://realstuffsmokables.com/.

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