Infused Water Beverage – Karma Water’s interview with C.J. Rapp, CEO and Founder.

Jul 1, 2024

Karma Water’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, C.J. Rapp (“CJ”), is with New to The Street’s TV host Jane King. From the New York Stock Exchange Studio, they talk about the fundamental ongoings and history of Karma Water and its patented “Karma Push-Cap” technology, which instantaneously infuses water with natural flavoring, probiotics, and vitamins. CJ has succeeded in the beverage sector and founded Jolt Cola (“JOLT”), a well-known beverage brand. The idea for Karma Water comes from the industry shortfalls related to pre-mixed, water-soluble vitamins/nutrients in current beverage products. These products are sometimes hotly mixed and then sit on shelves, exposed to climate conditions, and over time, the wellness benefits become significantly reduced. The FDA has acted on this issue, stating that labeling needs to be more accurate on pre-mixed products due to time-related reduced optimization benefits. So, ten years ago, CJ started Karma Water, which continues to grow brand awareness, increase retail locations, expand online orders, and educate consumers. The Company collaborates with Constellation Brands, Inc., a large Fortune 500 Company, and CJ believes this relationship will increase Karma’s brand identity. CJ doesn’t expect to go public directly, but if the relationship with Constellation proves successful, perhaps Constellation will acquire the Company. CJ demonstrates the product on air, showing how immediately the bottled water is infused with natural flavor and vitamin mix. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Karma Water –

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