Isla Rose, CEO Sator on New to the Street


Ms. Isla Rose, CEO at Sator (CRYPTO: SAO) ($SAO), joins the New to The Street Show with her live NASDAQ Marketplace interview. Talking with Anchor Jane King, Rose explains the ecosystem and platform at Sator, an incentivized, social, participation TV solution. As the first decentralized constant engagement platform for media through the tokenization of live content – TV, film, music, concerts, and other media streams, Sator aligns the interests of all parties involved, the audiences and content creators, producers, and TV networks. The native token, $SAO, rewards audiences and media content providers for participation and engagements. The blockchain can track participation and engagement rates, assisting content providers with information about viewer retentions. Rose talks about how the metaverse works on their ecosystem with an NFT for real-estate and art galleries. They continue to create more VR (Virtual Reality) content, giving their end-users a metaverse experience with their favorite shows, actors, artist, musicians, and others. To get involved and get started, Rose invited everyone to download the app on iOS and Android, available at

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