John Lai, CEO of, PetVivo Holdings Inc. returns for an in-person NASDAQ Marketplace interview


New to The Street TV, bring back Mr. John Lai, CEO, and President, PetVivo Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PETV), for an in-person NASDAQ Marketplace interview. Sitting down with the show’s Anchor Jane King, John updates the Company’s novel osteoarthritis treatment for horses and dogs. The injectable patented Spryng™ product treats osteoarthritis and joints, mimicking cartilage and tissue, improving mobility, and elevating pain and inflammation. The Company aggressively seeks top-performing sales personnel, and John explains the competitiveness in today’s employment environment. Soon, a roll-out of a feline product should become available for cats with osteoarthritis. John says that veterinarian acceptance of Spryng continue to grow because it is an effective treatment above other options in the marketplace. The Company continues with lab studies for canine, equine, feline, and human studies expected soon. PetVivo intends to expand into other domestic and exotic animal species.

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