Kevin Guskiewicz, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Chancellor .

Nov 28, 2023

Kevin Guskiewicz, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Chancellor, sits with New to The Street Leadership’s TV Co-hosts Matt Doherty and Jane King. From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, the co-hosts share Chancellor Guskiewicz’s impressive credentials as a neuroscientist, concussion researcher, and academic leader with viewers. Chancellor Guskiewicz is a principal investigator on the NFL’s LONG-Study, a research program on former NFL players to develop strategies for preventing and treating neurological health problems. In 2011, the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship awarded Kevin for his creativity in researching sport-related concussions. In 2013, “TIME” magazine named him a Game Changer, one of 18 innovators and problem-solvers inspiring change in America. As a founding director of UNC’s Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center and Research Director of the Center for the Study of Retired Athletes, Kevin provides guidelines for preventing sports-related head injuries for the NCAA, NFL, and other sports organizations. Recognized globally as an innovator and problem solver, Kevin shares his leadership success and attributes. Being UNC’s 12th Chancellor comes with unique challenges; the school is diverse with many constituents, and understanding the makeup of the University’s student body, professors, campus organizations, and Board of Trustees is critical to his leadership role. As a leading global public research university funded partly by North Carolina’s taxpayers, Kevin explains that his role as Chancellor is rewarding. He uses his scientific background to look at data, but more importantly, he listens to everyone’s opinion on a particular subject matter. Politics and personal views have no place in a leadership role, and he maintains a strong-neutral presence, always seeking the best possible outcomes. Kevin believes challenges bring positive results; optimism and realism are vital to a strong leader. His wife and a handful of others, including a professor from the University of Virginia, are always available to consult with him outside his UNC role. Getting a perspective on matters from someone not involved or belonging to a group is another strong leadership role, and having an unbiased opinion can assist. Before being Chancellor, he was the Dean of UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences. Under his leadership, he created a civil discourse model for students to actively understand and participate as productive citizens in a thriving democracy. He shares with students and others that protection under The First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Right to Self-expression, can create harmful and unfavorable outcomes from verbal and written assaults, and the objective for comprehensive change is lost. As Chancellor, he continues to build upon more leadership courses currently offered at UNC, remaining diligent in bringing more leadership programs for undergraduates. Kevin says the University can bring breadth, depth, and practice to leadership programs through overseas study abroad programs, research opportunities, and internship programs. Successful leaders like Kevin use repetition practices that work with results; finding the middle is usually the best solution. As a leader in the education and science fields, Kevin’s leadership skills promote innovation, ethnic inclusion, and the formulation of practical solutions. Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz is the leader in implementing Carolina’s new strategic plan: “Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good.” Viewers can learn more about Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz, PhD., at UNC’s Chancellor website.

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