Matt Higgins, CEO/Co-Founder of RSE Ventures, Inc., and the Author of “Burn The Boats.”

Dec 30, 2023

Co-hosts Matt Doherty and Jane King welcome Matt Higgins, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of RSE Venture, Inc., to the New to The Street Leadership show. Matt is a successful investor, educator, operator, executive, and author. Growing up in extreme poverty on the streets in Queens, New York, with little to no food and money, Matt shares his history and how he overcame enormous challenges to become a successful businessman and author. After dropping out of high school to care for his sick single mother, Matt, with determination, overcame his existing circumstances to better himself and his family. With determination, self-will, and instinct, he took a 10-year journey, getting his GED, entering law school, and becoming the youngest New York City Press Secretary. Matt managed the communications for the city during and after the 9/11 attacks. He became an executive for two NFL teams, has appeared on the “Shark Tank” business show, and is the CEO of RSE Ventures. His book, “Burn The Boats,” is written to inspire people, motivate them to achieve their dreams, and help people overcome doubt and fears. Matt shares with Co-hosts Matt and Jane that the book’s title is a translation from a Chinese proverb and is a tattoo in Chinese on his upper arm to remind him of his successful journey. The book promotes planning, overcoming doubt, and compounding experiences to achieve success, and its title is appropriate because if you eliminate an escape plan, you have no choice but to proceed with hopeful success. His Company, RSE Ventures, is a private investment capital firm looking to fund visionaries with great ideas/innovations and help those individuals/entities become mainstream brands. Matt says that the best inventions/ideas come from a “Gut Sandwich,” something someone knows for sure can work without complex data and spreadsheets; great insight to “GO FOR IT!” Matt provides scholarship opportunities for single mothers to pursue higher education quests, and he enjoys hearing from people whose lives have considerably changed from reading “Burn the Boats.” Matt is a positive and outgoing leader with a mission to serve and inspire others from his personal experiences and successes. Viewers and others interested in learning more about Matt Higgins can visit or scan the QR code during the show.

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