Mobile app developers can now integrate SizeIT into any Android app


Mobile app developers can now integrate SizeIT into any Android app

AIRPORT CITY, IsraelMarch 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — My Size, Inc. (the “Company” or “My Size”) (MYSZ) (MYSZ), the developer and creator of smartphone measurement applications, announced today that its SizeIT smart measuring tape standard development kit (“SDK”), which management believes provides accurate measurement capabilities, is now available for integration with any Android application. The Company previously released the SizeIT smart measuring tape SDK for iOS devices.

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SizeIT, the core technology behind the Company’s TrueSize™, SizeUp™ and BoxSizeID™ applications, can be embedded into any company’s existing or white label mobile app in a short period of time, offering an efficient solution to the escalating costs associated with product sizing issues and returns.  SizeIT provides users with the ability to instantly and accurately measure objects with a quick movement of their mobile phone. The Company’s proprietary and patent-pending algorithms utilize a smartphone’s sensors, combined with anthropometric data, to accurately measure everything from everyday objects to body measurements.

“The ability to incorporate SizeIT within an existing Android or iOS mobile application offers retailers the capability to provide their customers with a complete measurement solution – whether purchasing a new shirt, installing curtains or preparing to ship a package. My Size believes that it may generate revenue through licensing fees each time SizeIT is used within a third party developed app,” said My Size CEO, Ronen Luzon. “We are now able to offer more opportunities to harness the SizeIT technology and create customized solutions for accurate and efficient measurement, enabling retailers and shipping companies to eliminate costly inefficiencies and potentially improve their bottom line.”

The Company offers solutions that address costly inefficiencies within several burgeoning markets, including retail, parcel delivery, and do-it-yourself (“DIY”) home improvement. Each industry is faced with excessive returns and wasted inventory. My Size currently utilizes SizeIT within three separate solutions to address the shortcomings within the aforementioned industries:

  • SizeUp – A digital tape measure that allows users to measure length, width and height of a surface by moving their smartphone from point to point of an object or space. SizeUp is a value-add for DIY and home improvement retailers, whose customers struggle to find the appropriate sized items (like blinds or curtains) for their homes or projects due to inaccurate measurements. SizeUp also replaces rulers, tape measures and other measuring tools used for DIY projects.  According to Business Wire, the DIY tools market is projected to grow to $13.9 billion by 2021.
  • TrueSize – Enables shoppers to accurately measure their garments to find proper fitting clothes and shoes, using their mobile phones. TrueSize syncs the user’s measurement data to a sizing chart integrated through the retailer’s (or a white labeled) mobile app, and only showcases items that match the measurements to ensure a correct fit each and every time. According to MediaPost, traditional sizing systems in retail have led to $62.4 billion of returned apparel and footwear purchased online.
  • BoxSizeID – Enables customers to quickly and easily measure the size and weight of a parcel to accurately calculate shipping fees. It also offers shipping companies a variety of precise logistical data for more efficiently managing their shipping processes. According to Accenture, the parcel delivery business is poised to grow to $343 billion globally by 2020.

Please click here for a demonstration of the SizeUp “measurement from the air” smart measuring tape, which provides a good example of how SizeIT can be embedded to work in any Android mobile application.

Please click here to download the SizeUp “measurement from the air” smart measuring tape for iOS.

Please click here to download SizeUp “measurement from the air” smart measuring tape for Android.

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My Size, Inc. (MYSZ) (MYSZ) has developed a unique measurement technology based on sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge technology with broad applications including the apparel, e-commerce, DIY, shipping and parcel delivery industries. This proprietary technology is driven by several algorithms which are able to calculate and record measurements in a variety of novel ways. To learn more about My Size, please visit our website.

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