New Segment – “Money Makers,” with TV Host Colin Jordon – Interview with real-estate accounting, REA’s ( Mark Kappelman, Co-Founder.

Dec 19, 2023

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, “Money Makers,” New to The Street’s newest business segment with Co-Hosts Colin Jordon and Jane King, interview Mark Kappelman, Co-Founder of REA ( REA continues to expand its operations and is known as an effective and efficient outsourcing Company for Real-estate accounting and bookkeeping services. Mark and his wife started REA after a lousy experience outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services on their property holdings. As a CPA, Mark looked at the deficiencies in real estate property accounting outsourcing and realized that many accounting services had limited to no specialized real-estate accounting expertise. REA has three reasons for real-estate owners to retain its services: 1). Only specialized in real-estate accounting services; 2). Personnel fully trained in using complex real-estate property management software programs like Yardi, Appfolio, and Entrata; and 3). Increase the client’s bottom line with 30%-50% cost savings. REA 150 team members are accounting and technology experts who are 100% specialized in real estate. Every client has four key individuals assigned to a client’s account, from a staff account to a controller, and they leverage AI and other software solutions to ensure the client’s functionality and operational efficiencies. REA has a client base of combined residential and commercial units benefitting from the accounting services. REA continues to assist many residential and commercial real estate clients, doubling in size from 2022 to the present, and Mark continues to extraordinary upside demand heading in 2024. Viewers can learn more about it at or scan the QR code displayed during the show –

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