New Segment – “Money Makers,” with TV Host Colin Jordan – Interview with sotol beverage producer Los Magos Spirits International, Inc.’s (“LMSI”) Ryan Stock, CEO.

Dec 27, 2023

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, New to Street features its newest TV business segment, “Money Makers,” with TV Co-Hosts Colin Jordan and Jane King. Together, they interview Ryan Stock, CEO of Los Magos Spirits International, Inc., a Company that is taking sotol, a centuries-old Mexican alcoholic beverage, usually locally produced, and bringing the tasty beverage into international markets. With a focus on land, soul, and community, Los Magos looks to maintain the knowledge of the traditional production methods but scale outputs using modern-day manufacturing approaches. Management always seeks sustainability in its agricultural and production processes. Ryan tells viewers that many consumers have never heard of sotol, its history, or the plant that derives the spirit. Sotol is a distilled spirit from a plant, Dasylirion, commonly found in the Chihuahuan desert in Mexico. Stolo is not Tequilla or Mezcal, which comes from the agave plant. Consumers are looking for tasty new drinks, and the demand for Mexican-based spirits is growing worldwide. A hospitality entity in Las Vegas recently informed Ryan that vodka is no longer the drink of choice, and the supply of Tequilla products has oversaturated markets. Los Magos’s sotol is flavorful and smooth tasting, and consumer demand is growing throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Promotional events are a good way for consumers to learn about Los Magos Sotol, and in 2024 – Q1, the Company expects to launch the product in the Asian and European markets. Los Magos Sotol is growing its sales and marketing, with consumer demand for the tasty drink growing in tandem. Viewers interested in learning more about Los Magos Spirits International, Inc. and where to purchase Los Magos Sotol can visit

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