New to The Street Announces Episode 564, Five Corporate Interviews, Airing on The Fox Business Network, Monday, March 25, 2024, at 10:30 PM PT

Mar 25, 2024

FMW Media’s New to The Street, a national TV show, announces episode 556, airing on the FOX Business Network on Monday, March 25, 2024, at 10:30 PM PT.

New to The Street’s 564th episode line-up features the following five (5) Corporate interviews:

1). “Game Changers” segment interview with’s (CRYPTO: FET) ($FET) Humayun Sheikh, CEO.

2). “Game Changers” segment interview with Iagon’s (CRYPTO: IAG) ($IAG) Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal, CEO.

3). “Game Changers” segment interview The Sustainable Green Team, Ltd.’s (OTCQX: SGTM) ($SGTM) interview with Tony Raynor, CEO and Founder.

4). Business Finance Firm – Coastal Kapital, LLC’s interview with Kortney Murray, CEO/Founder.

5). “Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security – Weekly Hack” segment with internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO, Sekur Private Data, Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) ($SWISF) (Sekur®).

Episode 564’s (CRYPTO: FET) ($FET) CEO, Humayun Sheikh, interview is on New to The Street’s “Game Changers” segment with TV Host Ana Berry. Humayun gives a corporate progress update on its AI ecosystem and the tools available for developers. Over 25000+ have signed up for access to the platform. makes AI tools available to many who can develop and deploy AI-based apps anytime, anywhere, and on an operational scale. As an easy-to-use Fetch AI ecosystem, developers can create and deploy AI-based apps promptly and at an affordable price. Humayun believes that large Big Tech entities should not control AI but be mainstream. He, however, believes that governmental regulation should be in place to make sure AI is good for humankind. With geopolitical tension and a forthcoming US election, AI-generated content needs validation for authenticity and truthfulness. As an open platform for the new AI economy, is the first AI Agent platform that allows developers to create 100,000 apps. Fetch AI agents can connect, search, and transact from dynamic interactions, promoting social well-being and economic growth. While building, deploying, and monetizing an open AI ecosystem, technology platforms are “Game Changers” for the AI technology industry. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Fetch AI –

New to The Street airs its second “Game Changers” segment with TV Host and Multi-media Journalist Ana Berry, who talks with Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal (“Nav”), CEO of Iagon (CRYPTO: IAG) ($IAG). As “Game Changers” in the decentralized cloud storage business, Iagon gives end-users complete data control. Clients control the use of their data and are no longer given access to extensive “Big Tech” platforms without consent or fees. Nav likens Iagon to Airbnb for data storage, where the client can determine where they would like data stored, options through numerous data nodes worldwide. Decentralized and centralized data are two completely different ways of data management. Nav gives an analogy: data lakes, whereas centralized data has limited cybersecurity features, and data breaches often occur, such as data theft. Decentralized data lakes are like frozen lakes, with solid encryption features placed on a blockchain, which only gives end-users access to data. Iagon’s decentralized data ecosystem provides unbridled security features not found on open BIG TECH platforms. Nav talks about the Company’s recent achievements and ongoing developments. Currently, Iagon has about 300 storage nodes globally. Iagon is growing, maturing, and showing the importance of digital decentralized storage solutions. As “Game Changers” in the data storage industry, Iagon’s blockchain ecosystem offers unique product offerings while ensuring complete data protection, integrity, and efficiency. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Iagon –

New to The Street airs another “Game Changers” segment, The Sustainable Green Team, Ltd.’s (OTCQX: SGTM) ($SGTM) Tony Raynor, CEO and Founder, talks with TV Host and Multi-media Journalist Ana Berry. SGTM is revolutionizing sustainability using cutting-edge technology, converting waste into viable products. Wood, organic, and animal waste are raw materials that SGTM recycles into usable and valuable nutrients for the agricultural markets. Demand for recycled organic products is rising globally as the world’s population sees the increasing importance and impact of recycling and sustainability needs. Tony talks about the 250 million acres in the USA allocated for raising cattle, pigs, and chickens. SGTM has numerous contracts to remove animal waste from farms and ranches to create recycled organic products. The Company also works with landfills nationwide, removing wood and other organic waste materials for recycling. Using SGTM’s technology and manufacturing capabilities, its HumiSoil product, a mix of humus and a catalyst, restores soil’s organic nutrients and creates water hydration. SGTM’s sustainable products are “Game Changers,” dramatically improving the planet. Tony welcomes viewers to join SGTM’s movement; opt-in and go to its YouTube channel, which has many informative videos about the Company and its sustainable initiatives. The on-screen QR code is available during the shows: The Sustainable Green Team, Ltd. –

From the New York Stock Exchange Studio, Kortney Murray, CEO/Founder of Coastal Kapital, LLC, talks about the Company with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. Jane and Kortney inform views about a new series coming to New to The Street: “All Things Capital.” The show will focus on alternative and traditional capital sources, such as banks, wealth management, venture capital, private equity funders, family offices, and other sources. As a co-host, Kortney will interview people who have successfully navigated complex and rigid approval processes to get capital for business operations and expansions. Interviews will include those who have used Coastal Kapital and discuss how those clients met their business capital needs and improved their business operations. Women business owners seem to have more problems raising capital. Kortney will dive into these issues, interview successful women, and discuss their businesses and what worked and didn’t work in finding reliable capital sources. Coastal Kapital is different from traditional funding sources, and it’s a non-bank and non-credit report funding source that takes a hands-on “Human” approach to capital needs. Traditional banks use a 1950s creditworthy method to make loan determinations. In today’s high-tech world, this bank method doesn’t work, especially for influencers, e-commerce, FinTech firms, and others that banks view as unfavorably, denying loan applications. Coastal Kapital – “Financing You Can Trust” offers solutions when other traditional funding sources deny capital to business owners. Kortney prides herself and her team on looking at individuals and their business models and will decide on capital loans. Coastal Kapital uses a different set of algorithmic calculations from those used by traditional banks. Coastal Kapital’s system puts in other data sets that can develop a more comprehensive understanding of a business. Then, the team puts their “Human” approach to every client’s capital needs with the objective of funding the client’s business. Coastal Kapital is successfully rolling out its affiliate program, which can offer its capital formation services nationwide. The new show, “All Things Capital,” will focus on capital funding and other topics like tax strategies, entrepreneurism, mentorship, and leadership roles. Viewers can expect announcements on airing dates/times on the new show, “All Things Capital. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Coastal Kapital, LLC –

New to The Street TV airs its “Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security – The Weekly Hack” segment with internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO of Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) ($SWISF) and TV Host and Multi-media Journalist Ana Berry. Ana is talking about her friend’s hacked Instagram account. This person has not gained access or control of the account for over a year. Ana’s friend told her that she used her email account to register as a customer for a clothing store from an Instagram post. Alain explains that Big Tech constantly data mines account holders’ information and then sells that information to 3rd party entities. Social media sites do the same with data mining. These mining activities greatly reduce cybersecurity availabilities for end-user accounts on these platforms. Hackers gain access and have AI abilities just like the Big Tech platforms to scan and seek individuals’ and businesses’ private data. Once obtained, they create cybersecurity issues like Ana’s friend’s problem. A solution is to use Sekur’s SekurMail with the SekurSend/SekurReply feature. Sekur’s subscription-based-encrypted platforms operate on multiple servers owned and located in Switzerland, a country with very tough privacy laws. Alain recommends the Company’s SekurVPN services, which provide encrypted Swiss IP addresses to anyone worldwide. Sekur’s services can offer an affordable, secure, and private ecommunication platform for individuals, businesses, and enterprises. Subscribers get one week free on any of the Company’s services, and Sekur is offering PROMO CODE: “PRIVACY,” which gives 15% savings toward monthly and yearly subscriptions, which is good for five years. Tune in next time for another cybersecurity topic on the “Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security– Weekly Hack” segment. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit Sekur Private Data, Ltd. –, and“Privacy Has Arrived.”

About (CRYPTO: FET) ($FET) (CRYPTO: FET) ($FET) is an AI (artificial intelligence) Company that builds tools and infrastructure to enable a decentralized digital economy. As an open AI decentralized machine learning platform, its distributed ledger ecosystem allows secure sharing, connection, and transactions based on any data globally.’s open-source technology network allows any user to connect to the network, access the power of AI on a world-scale secure dataset, and carry out complex coordination tasks in the modern economy

About Iagon (CRYPTO: IAG) ($IAG):

Iagon was founded in 2017 in Hamar, Norway, because people need to be in control of their data. The idea started as an attempt to solve significant issues related to how healthcare data is stored, with modern solutions severely lacking transparency for individuals at a national and international level. The protocol will allow storage providers to earn rewards by trading their excess storage to resource consumers on a marketplace at a transparent price while ensuring data privacy, security, and accessibility. Its token-based economy is based on computer, server, and data center owners who join the storage and processing power grids. In return for sharing the capabilities of their machine, they will be granted Iagon tokens that can be traded back to fat money, while any party who wishes to utilize their capabilities will purchase tokens to distribute them to the parties that provide their services to the blockchain grid –

About The Sustainable Green Team, Ltd. (OTCQX: SGTM) ($SGTM):

The Sustainable Green Team, Ltd. (OTCQX: SGTM) ($SGTM) is a leading Company in climate reversing technologies, a provider of sustainable solutions to improve environmental health and promote sustainable practices, delivering eco-friendly products and services. SGTM aims to make significant contributions to global sustainability; learn more by visiting the Company website,, SGTM’s YouTube Channel and corporate videos – &

About Coastal Kapital, LLC:

Coastal Kapital, LLC provides businesses with the capital needed to get a competitive edge, maximizing a company’s profits. Helping companies succeed since 2007, Coastal Kapital account executives have over 14 years of experience and relationships with over 150 different programs. Their clients understand that time equals money, and Coastal Kapital is the one-stop shop for all your financial needs and offers its clients the most innovative programs. They offer equipment leasing, business loans, working capital, merchant Processing, collateral assets, and real estate-backed funding, regardless of credit type. Coastal Kapital is a dedicated financial service leader in commercial equipment and asset-based lending and maintains relationships with business owners, vendors, and manufacturers across the US who value partnerships and integrity –

About Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) ($SWISF):

Sekur Private Data, Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) ($SWISF) is a cybersecurity and internet privacy provider of Swiss-hosted solutions for secure communications and secure data management. The Company distributes a suite of secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery, document management, encrypted emails, and secure communication tools. It sells its products through its websites,, approved distributors, and telecommunication companies worldwide. Sekur Private Data, Ltd. serves consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide – https:/ and; Twitter: @sekurprivate.

About New to The Street:

New to The Street is an FMW Media production that operates one of the longest-running US and International sponsored and syndicated Nielsen-rated programming television brands, “New to The Street.” Since 2009, New to The Street has run biographical interview segment shows across major U.S. television networks. The Nielsen-rated and sponsored broadcast programming platform reaches millions of homes in the US and international markets. FMW’s New to The Street show appears on Bloomberg and the FOX Business Network as sponsored programming. FMW is also one of the nation’s largest buyers of linear television, long and short-form paid programming –

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