“New to The Street Leadership” with Co-Host Dr. Lee Gause and TV Business Co-Host Jane King talks with Create Labs Ventures’ Abran Maldonado, Chief Executive Officer

Apr 2, 2024

New to The Street Leadership’s TV Co-hosts Dr. Lee Gause and Jane King, from the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, talk with Abran Maldonado about his leadership role at Create Labs Ventures (“Create Labs”). Abran provides a business history of the Company, where it started as a social impact organization, helping communities and their residences in their ability to participate in technology, media, and other exciting emerging industries. While providing these human resource and community development services, Abran and his team discovered the power of “Generative AI.” Over the last three years, Create Labs Venture grew its AI ecosystem, assisting OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform with test modeling to ensure the AI platform’s operational success. As one of the first “Generative AI” companies, Create Labs has helped many enterprises and businesses create and deploy AI platforms specific to organizational needs. Under Abran’s leadership, the Company has developed non-biased generative AI platforms that greatly enhance their clients’ technological attributes. Generative AI platforms rely on predictive behavior inputs and patterns that learn as they create new “Generative” content. Abran and his team constantly ensure that inputs on the “Generative AI” are pure data sets to provide a non-biased diversity of its AI platform. If a system has a bias of non-diversified inputs, that bias becomes more apparent over time as the system grows and learns. Business and enterprise leaders must embrace AI technology, which is rapidly increasing in all sectors. Abran can help an organization find a plan to incorporate an AI system that works, making it useful for all employees. He recommends that every business owner embrace AI and not fear technology but look at how AI can make a business more productive. MasterCard has hired his team to create a small business chatbot to help many entrepreneurs and first-time business owners with financial needs. Create Labs Ventures’ Afro-Latina AI virtual digital human influencer, C.L.AI.R.A ( Create Labs AI Rendered Assistant), is an industry success story. This chatbot gives insight and opinions on specific subject matters. Abran talks about how C.L.Ai.R.A is the future of AI society. As AI evolves, Albom sees multimodality beyond the tech sectors, co-existing in every aspect of human lives. As a keynote speaker at many tech conferences, Abran meets many who want to learn more about his success in the industry and how they can hire Create Labs Ventures to develop AI platforms. With vision, leadership skills, and a commitment to social diversity, Abran’s success is apparent amongst his industry peers. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit Create Labs Ventures – https://createlabs.io/.

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