New to the Street – May 9 | Simplicity Esports, VegasWINNERS, Winston Gold Corp., Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation, SoMee.Social, Healixa, Grapefruit, Hermesus


Simplicity Esports is a North American esports organization founded by CEO Jed Kaplan, minority owner of both the Memphis Grizzlies and Swansea City of the English Champions League. Simplicity Esports has implemented a unique approach to ensure the ultimate fan friendly esports experience. CEO Roman Franklin visits New to the Street to explain what is company is about.

VegasWINNERS is an online sports data, information, analyses, advice, and prediction business. CEO Wayne Allyn Root go into detail on the sport gambling boom and his companies involvement in this sector.

Winston Gold Corp. is a junior mining company focused on generating cash flow by advancing high-grade, low cost mining opportunities into production.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation operates as an integrated solar and roofing installation company specializing in commercial and residential properties. CEO David Massey on its latest expansions and developments.

SoMee.Social is a blockchain-powered dashboard that allows users to interact with all their social media profiles on various platforms from a single interface. Advertising Executive Allen Kay describes his relationship with the company.

Healixa is a technology company with assets in both healthtech and fintech. Healixa marries code and care to create exceptional experiences in healthtech. The Company’s people-first approach is designed to humanize care via purpose-driven ethical engineering practices, deploying simple solutions for complex global challenges.CEO Ian Parker returns to New to the Street about the latest progress at the company.

Grapefruit USA is launching a new ecommerce store that offers a nationwide one-stop shop for THC free hemp derived CBD topical creams. CEO Bradley Yourist visits New to the Street with the latest details.

Hermesus is a new crypto currency exchange. CEO Milton Frazier and Managing Director Colin Breeze explain what their company is about and what makes Hermesus unique.

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