New to The Street to feature Altitude International Holdings (OTCQB:ALTD) in a 12 Part Series across 5 Television Networks


New to the Street with host Jane King will be featuring Altitude International Holdings (OTCQB:ALTD) each month on five national television networks. Filming of initial episodes will begin early next week.

Additionally, New To The Street will be producing and broadcasting health reports and 30-second commercials across FMW Media “New to The Street ” platform on FOX, BLOOMBERG, AND NEWSMAX to enhance and bring attention to the Altitude brands and verticals.

“We look forward to working with the exceptional team of professionals at New to the Street and widely benefitting from the non-stop national media coverage they produce and their top-flight production values. I believe getting ALTD’s breaking news and messaging to the hundreds of millions of households that watch FOX, Bloomberg, Fox Business Network, CNN, CNBC, and Newsmax, to name just a few of the outlets that will be broadcasting our content and interviews, will be invaluable toward the name recognition and brand awareness every young company hopes to build. We think the next 18 months will be loaded with exciting ALTD business developments and its great to know that New to the Street will be maximizing our audience for each and every story.” Stated Gregory C. Breunich, Chief Executive Officer

Dates and times of broadcasts T.B.A.


ALTD provides custom-built simulated altitude chambers and position-specific protocols to its clients, which include an NFL franchise, an NBA franchise, Tulane University, and Woodway, a leading high- performance treadmill manufacturer. ALTD’s team of acclaimed sports scientists represent some of the world’s most accomplished in the formulation and execution of cutting-edge training techniques. ALTD chambers have contributed to documented performance improvements for its clients, including the shattering of a world cycling record at Woodway. ALTD recently signed an LOI to acquire Breunich Ho;dings, Inc. Greg Breunich currently serves as CEO for both Breunich Holdings and ALTD. For more information about ALTD, please visit

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