O’Neill Capital Advisors’ interview with Dennis O’Neill, CEO


Mr. Dennis O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer, O’Neill Capital Advisors, sits down for his Nasdaq Marketplace in-studio interview with New to The Street TV Host Jane King. O’Neill Capital Advisors are experts in STOs (Security Token Offerings), venture capital, and private equity funding with a focus on blockchain, medical cannabis, and technology industries. With over 30 years in the investment and merchant banking industries, Dennis looks for companies with highly disruptive business products and technologies. They must have successful management to assist in capital raises. O’Neill has over 40,000 high-net individuals and institutional clients who seek exciting investment opportunities. The Company is now opening an office in Singapore, taking advantage of the economic growth throughout S.E. Asia. Singapore is known as the gateway to Asia, a country with a stable economy, great government, and a strong legal system. These qualities are some of the reasons O’Neill opened an office there. The RCEP, known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, is a “FREE-Trade” zone with 15 countries; Singapore’s membership provides businesses tariff-free with access to 1/3 of the world’s population within these growing economies. Dennis explains that smaller businesses have no real Asian strategy, and he sets forth to help those entities get a foothold in Asia. He believes O’Neill’s presence in Singapore can assist US and SE Asian entities who would like to expand operations in these areas. In the following months, O’Neill Capital Advisors will assist Asian businesses with public listings in the USA through SPACs -Special Purpose Acquisitions Companies. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit O’Neill Capital Advisors – https://oneillcapitaladvisors.com/.

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