Out with the Old, In with New to The Street


Growing relationships with investors lead to more profitable and liquid investments.  But in the Covid-19 era, how can new relationships be established and current relationships flourish? Companies are now more than ever challenged to keep attracting a new audience without neglecting their current base, and at the same time keeping everybody up to date on new developments and events.

Out with the Old

Prior to Covid-19, both deal and non-deal roadshows were the chosen method of Wall Street to attract, solicit, and keep new investors to a particular security.

defines a roadshow as “an offer that contains a presentation regarding an offering by one or more members of the issuer’s management, and includes discussion of one or more of the issuer, such management, and the securities being offered.”

In a nutshell, management, with their PR (public relations) firm will travel from brokerage firm to brokerage firm with lunch, and / or meet high net worth investors for lunch, multiple times per day, over a few day period and try to entice brokers and investment professionals to recommend a particular security to their clients.

Earlier this year, social distancing, and scattered corporate forces as a result of Covid-19 rendered the roadshow extinct.

In with the New… to the Street

Saturday September 26, 2020 marked the 10th anniversary and 139th show for a now more than ever, ever-growing in popularity, small cap media portal called NewToTheStreet.com.

Founded in 2009 in FMW Media Works Corporation created NewToTheStreet.com (NTTS) which is the brainchild of co-founders Vincent Caruso and Stephen Simon.

“When we started this busines, we had no idea what we were doing or what to expect, but after we shot our first show for our first client on Long Island, and their stock doubled after the 2nd airing, we knew we had a proven concept” stated Vincent Caruso, co-founder of NewToTheStreet.com

One year later, in 2010, the brand New To The Street T.V. was launched and their studio was moved to New York City to an upgraded set and began to employ top business and television anchors.  They knew their brand was secured with its listing on Fox Business and later Bloomberg in T.V. Guide nationwide.

NTTS bridges the gap between traditional road shows and modern-day stock promotion, creating a medium that has been proven to increase market cap, and generate corporate growth to the tune of over $1 billion dollars since its launch.

Filmed in New York City at the NASADQ MarketSite in person with anchor Jane King, NewToTheStreet.com brings the roadshow for the security, whether it be a public company’s stock, or new cryptocurrency right to your living room, through its syndication networks Bloomberg and Fox Business.  Its most recent episode is a crypto montage which includes Featuring fetch.ai (FET), Somee.social (ONG), Sologenic (SOLO), and NativeCoin(N8V).

In late 2017, FMW Media Works launched its Exploring The Block T.V Show to cater to the Cryptocurrency and blockchain world and add an entirely new demographic to its audience. Similar to NewToTheStreet.com, Exploring The Block broadcasts across Fox Business and Bloomberg, but with the added caveat of Kron monthly.

Dealing with Covid-19 has been a challenge, but FMW has learned to adapt.  In March, they began daily utilizing zoom video interviews, still with Jane King, however, versus having the clients to travel to New York City to film at the Nasdaq Marketplace in person.

The anchors do their own makeup now and use lighting and green screen backgrounds to make it appear as if they are still in the regular New York City studios.  Although the quality is not quite as good, their clients appreciate the fact that they are not required to travel, and social distancing is being practiced in these challenging times.

FMW Media Corporation is looking forward to a great fourth quarter while breaking previous sales records during 2021.

In Conclusion, in this covid-19 era, public companies and new issues like cryptocurrencies, now more than ever need investor support.  And to take it a step further, they need new investor support on a constant basis.  The novel coronavirus has led to the death of the traditional roadshow and birth of digital introductions and support.  FMW Media with both NewToTheStreet and ExploringTheBlock seem to be ahead of the game.

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