Pawtocol’s Karim Quazzani, Founder and Mr. Colin Jordan, CEO


Mr. Karim Quazzani, Founder and Mr. Colin Jordan, CEO, Pawtocol (CRYPTO: UPI) ($UPI), joins the New to The Street show with their live NASDAQ Marketplace interviews. Talking with Anchor Jane King, they explain the Company’s blockchain technology to create better lives for pets and pet owners. Karim Quazzani, the Founder, introduces the Company’s recently appointed CEO, Colin Jordan. Colin says that Pawtocol is ready to show the world the positive impact blockchain technology can have on the pet industry. This pet-focused solution delivers trust, transparency, and integrity. These solutions will improve the quality of life for pets and pet owners and save the lives of thousands of rescue and shelter animals. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Wave Holdings (CSE: SPOR) (OTCPINK: TRMNF) (FWB:0XMB), a Canadian publicly-traded company, Pawtocol can leverage about $3.4M CDN in funds to hire engineers/developers and sales/marketing. The Company’s goal is to build a global online community of pet lovers, leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the metaverse with its $UPI NFT token. Colin tells viewers that your pet can be part of your VR metaverse experience, at the same time owning and controlling the data on your pet. Creating a digital identity, minting unique NFTs, and connections with other pet owners in the ecosystem community give an exciting new experience for pet owners worldwide. Mr. Jordon Belfort, storyline based on “The Wolf of Wall Street” motion picture, is a consultant for the Company who brings an energetic and visionary persona to Pawtocol. The Company’s QR code pet tags can provide real-time data to help find lost pets. The AI functional provides pet owners update information regarding diseases, trends, and occurrences, giving pet owners important information. Technology is in their blood for the Pawotocol team, and pets are in their hearts. They will do everything they can to bring those two together to make positive changes for the pet community globally. A pet owner can now connect, invest, and engage within the ecosystem earning $UPI tokens.
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