Pet Health – PetVivo Holdings, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: PETV) (NASDAQ: PETVW) ($PETV) interview with John Lai, CEO/President

Oct 24, 2023

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King talks with John Lai, CEO/President of PetVivo Holdings, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: PETV) (NASDAQ: PETVW) ($PETV) (“PetVivo”) about the Company. PetVivo manufactures, commercializes, and licenses innovative medical devices and pet therapeutics. John talks about the Company attending the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) annual conference. During the Conference, Ethos Veterinary Health presented data from a study on PETV’s patented product, Spryng with OsteoCushion Technology (“Spryng”), an intra-articular injectable veterinary medical device. The study demonstrated the efficacy of Spryng as an excellent, non-invasive alternative in treating dogs with cranial cruciate disease and injuries. Spryng is a naturally derived matrix of building proteins that mimics collagen tissue, significantly improving animals with cruciate damage and disease. The study showed that animals had a 25% or greater reduction in pain when injected, a significant measurement used in determining effective treatments. Veterinarians see positive post-surgery rehabilitation for animals needing corrective surgery when using Spryng. John informs viewers that a pet’s quality of life and cost of therapy are pet owners’ concerns; Spryng is a reasonable treatment, reducing pain, and pet insurance covers the product use. John believes as more published studies prove the viability of Spryng, more veterinarians will adopt it as a front-line treatment. The Company expects to release study data on Spryng on cats once available. PETV’s Spryng is becoming more widely known as an effective disruptive technology for treating dogs, horses, and cats with osteoarthritis. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit PetVivo Holdings, Inc. – & Spryng with OsteoCushion Technology –

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