Phixey, Inc.’s interview with Alexandra Poirier, Communications Manager.


Alexandra Poirier, Communications Manager of Phixey, Inc. is back in-studio at the Nasdaq Marketplace with New to the Street’s TV Host Jane King. Phixey, Inc. is an electronics club that repairs devices and offers other membership perks. The main membership benefit is a device fixed for “FREE.” Like AAA for automobile members, Phixey offers its members benefits and electronic service repair options on devices. In business for 15 years, Phixey is a disrupter in the electronic device repair service industry, offering a membership fee as low as $19.95 per year, $1.66 a month. The electronic service repair business is a billion-dollar-a-year industry, and Phixey is the only entity in the world that offers this type of electronic club membership. Cell phone breakage happens often; the glass screen is fragile. Phixey members get those screens repaired “FREE.” The current average cost of cell phone repairs ranges from $150-$800. The only price to a Phixey member is the yearly- fee. The club’s services are not part of an insurance policy plan and have no deductibles. Cell phones, laptops, computers, electronic wearables, and tablets can have a membership, and each device has its owner membership to take advantage of the club’s benefits. Another upcoming benefit is the Phixey Wireless cellphone plan, unlimited talk and text for $10.00, hosted on T-Mobile. Also, members get a discount on accessories with free shipping or a 25% off at affiliate retailers. Viewers who want to become members can join by going to the website: Once a member and your device become broken, you log back into the website and request service, and Phixey provides a technician in your area. With over 2M members expected to be part of the Phixey Club, it expects to be a household brand name with everyone. The Company is not public, but it can accept direct investments. To learn more, send an email to with the title in email “Investment Opportunity.” The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Phixey, Inc. –

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