Pink Panda Holdings, Inc.’s interviews with Mr.Adam Carlton, Founder and CEO.


On this week’s New to The Street TV, Mr. Adam Carlton, Founder and CEO, and Mr. Gagan Levy, Team Member at Pink Panda Holdings, Inc. (CRYPTO: PINKPANDA) ($PINKPANDA), talk with TV Host Jane King about the Company’s trusted and easy to use gateway blockchain app. Being a socially responsible entity, Pink Panda Holdings’ crypto platform and business have an ecosystem that concentrates on worldwide social programs. As such, award-winning creative director Mr. Gagan Levy joined the Company’s team. Gagan calls Pink Panda’s ecosystem “Blockchain for Good.” With his long history of offering investors a network for socially responsible investing and philanthropic enterprises, Gagan saw the “GOOD” at Pink Panda and joined the Company. He will provide environmental conscience companies and sports leagues a unique approach to brand awareness, utilizing the $PINKPANDA token as a tool to create and market NFTs. Pink Panda Metaverse VR is another exciting marketing and awareness tool that offers very trusted and well-known corporate brands and sports leagues that adhere to social and environmental causes another platform to reach consumers and fans. Gagan is excited to work with Adam and the rest of the Pink Panda Team, and they will be back in the future to update the growing fundamentals at Pink Panda Holdings, Inc.

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