Prism Networks Lachlan Harnell Co-founder / Lead Developer, and Ming Wo, CEO from Strips Finance


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New to The Street T.V. interviews Mr. Lachlan Harnell, Co-founder / Lead Developer of Prism Networks (CRYPTO:PRISM) ($PRISM), and Mr. Ming Wo, Founder / CEO of Strips Finance. Prime Networks blockchain “Prism Bridges platforms give users the freedom to choose the blockchain communities and ecosystems, and Laughlin describes the technology. “Prism Bridges” developed because of the high transaction fees associated with assets movements using Ethereum into other trade platforms. Now, end-users can use “Prism Bridges” with easy and lower fees. He talks about the suite of cross-chain swap tools currently underdeveloped, which provide various tools so that end-users can change to other trade platform networks freely, quickly, timely, and eliminating multiple steps and fees. Mr. Ming Wo joins in the discussion about DeFi (Decentralized Finance) on the trading of interest rate swaps. Clients execute interest rate swaps timely, fairly, and transparently using their automated market maker that increases liquidity and best execution. Strips expect to be the premier marketplace for fixed income trades moving from the historically inefficient decades-old interest rate trading system toward Strips’ DeFi blockchain platform. Strips look to solve this problem by building the first natively decentralized interest rate derivatives exchange on Ethereum. Mr. Harnell concludes the interview by informing viewers that Prism Networks remains on its weekly schedule on bridging more EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks.

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