Private Equity – Frank Song’s, Private Equity Investor, interview


From the Nasdaq MarketSite studio, TV Host Jane King from New to The Street talks with Frank Song, Private Equity Investor. With a successful story from homelessness to an eight-figure net worth, Frank passionately tells his life story. Forbes Magazine published an article: “From Walmart to Wall Street: Frank Song’s Eight-Figure Business Journey” (Published: April 15, 2021) which foretold his struggles, ambitions, and success. A book about Frank’s career and life story is forthcoming, and perhaps a movie in the future. When you have absolutely nothing, Frank explains to his positivity to viewers that when you have no fear in failing, you have nothing else but to go upwardly. Yes, David tells viewers that his story is somewhat like another successful Wall Street professional’s story, Chris Gardner, who was homeless and impoverished. The movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness,” based on Gardner’s book, inspired Frank on his journey to success. Frank’s investment successes are a focus on fundamentals with a traditional mindset, looking at investment ideas that make sense to him. He used a cliché, “Prince for life is better than a King for a Month,” meaning he works methodically with the expectation for the best possible long-term investment outcomes. Frank wants to help as many people as possible overcome their limitations; if he can, they can. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Frank Song’s website –

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