Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group, Inc.

Jan 1, 2024

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, Ray Titus, Chief Executive Officer of United Franchise Group, Inc. (“UFG”), sits with New to The Street Leadership Co-hosts Matt Doherty and Jane King. With over 35 years in business, UFG offers ten franchises in 1600 locations in over 80 countries. Ray talks about his journey from a young age, understanding entrepreneurism from within his family. Ray’s father, franchising legend Roy Titus, started and successfully franchised “Minuteman Press,” a recognized print and signage service company. His business acumen is so entrenched he wrote a paper in 8th grade about how to start a franchise business. As a basketball player and coach, Ray saw that sports and businesses have some commonalities in achieving success: work hard, show up early, leave late, and work with the team. Making goals and meeting those goals inspires Ray, and he shares his goals with his other executives and employees at UFG. Listening and asking questions helps Ray understand his franchisees’ ongoing operations and can help promote better business practices to share with other franchise owners. Mistakes can happen, but don’t let the fear of failing limit yourself; take the chance and move forward with your goals. Even if the first attempt failed, Ray says to continue learning from the experience and applying it to the next business operation. Franchise owners need to understand they represent a brand, and their individual decisions can affect other franchise owners. Ray likes to communicate often with franchise owners, so everyone is working to succeed together. Hiring his father-in-law years ago was one of the best decisions of his career. The man became his mentor, shaping his leadership skills. Hire the right talent. Too often, business owners hire the wrong people and hold on to those people longer than necessary. A good leader must see and handle weaknesses and react accordingly to move operations forward. Technology and other innovations can assist in ongoing operations. Don’t fear change; embrace it and make it work for you. Ray explains to Matt and Jane that moving the Company out of Long Island, NY, to Florida was a good decision because it removed him from the shadows of others so he could make decisions without external input. When Ray is ready to retire, he won’t pass the ball to just one person but to many; he sees more opportunities and growth verticals with more figurehead involvement. Getting information and not being in a rush, listening, delegating effectively, and making comprehensive decisions are all part of Ray’s leadership qualities that he shares with viewers. Recognized domestically and internationally as a successful and positive leader, Ray continues to assist many in successful franchise ownership. Viewers and others interested in

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