Reign Sapphire Corp Releases Reign Coin White PaperPress Release


Reign Sapphire Corp Releases Reign Coin White PaperPress Release | 04/12/2018
LOS ANGELES, CA, April 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reign Sapphire Corp. (OTCQB: RGNP) (“Reign” or “the Company”), a direct-to-consumer custom and branded jewelry company operating jewelry sales and jewelry technology today released the White Paper for Reign Coin, the Company’s sapphire-backed cryptocurrency.

Reign Coin’s Key Features:


Reign Coins are unique in the sense that they are backed by calibrated Australian sapphires, processed under the supervision of the company and using the company’s ethical and sustainable supply chain.

Crypto-dividends (Airdrops)

As the network’s collectively owned assets earn interest and fees through means of transacting, that growth can be shared by all coin holders in the network. Each wallet can passively collect a portion of Reign Coin’s growth in the form of new Reign Coins, which can be air-dropped to each address.

Possible Reserve Solutions

We intend to have a reserve of Reign Coin acting as a reservoir. These Reign Coins would not be in public circulation. The reserve can slowly sell these coins and use those proceeds to further back Reign Coin by acquiring assets.

Growth by Transaction

Each Reign Coin transaction generates a transaction fee. A portion of the cumulative transaction fees can be reinvested into acquiring and processing additional Australian sapphires, the asset that is backing each Reign Coin. This should increase the base price as well as improve the solidity of each coin.

“We are delighted to release Reign Coin’s White Paper. We are confident that Reign Coin will complement our existing businesses and add long-term shareholder value,” states Reign CEO Joseph Segelman.

About Reign Sapphire Corp.:

Reign Brands operates through four key divisions: Reign Sapphires, which offers ethically produced, millennial-targeted sapphire jewelry; Coordinates Collection, a provider of custom jewelry inscribed with location coordinates to commemorate life’s special moments; and Le Bloc, which offers classic customized jewelry and the athleisure jewelry brand ION Collection.

Reign expects to commence Reign Coin’s token presale in Q3 2018, subject to regulatory approval. The Company cannot guarantee that its ICO will be deemed effective, or that, due to the changing regulatory nature of ICO’s in general, whether the ICO will actually take place.

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Forward Looking Statements

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