Sibannac, Inc.’s (OTCPINK: SNNC) interview with Mr. David Mersky, CEO.


This week Mr. David Mersky, CEO, Sibannac, Inc. (OTCPINK: SNNC), is back on the New to The Street TV Show, talking with Anchor Jane King. David gives viewers an update on the Company’s wellness brands, new products for sleeping and immunities, and the platform. Coca-Cola, other Fortune 100 companies, and other entities utilize the CampusCo platforms for product innovations and evolutions on the marketability of both established and newly launched brands. Sleeping issues in humans remains a reason for poor health. David explains a new mask product they are working on through a “Letter of Intent” with sleep fitness innovator SOMO. Based on the Yin Tang pressure point, this patent-pending technology, in clinical tests, shows to induce calmness, reduce stress, and induce sleepiness. Currently, the sleep market is around $430B internationally and approximately $15B in the US. David talks about another new development product, a copper-infused, one-of-a-kind product called “Copper 1.” In early trial results, Copper 1 shows to help generate immunity responsiveness in the body. SNNC expects to create a copper supplement and apply for FDA drug approvals for consumers. Another product in development for immunity is a vaccine based on the vegetation properties of lettuce. Viewers can expect to see David back in upcoming interviews, giving more updates on SNNC.

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