Sibinnac CEO David Mersky interview on New to the Street


New to The Street TV Anchor Jane King interviews Mr. David Mersky, CEO, Sibannac, Inc. (OTCPINK: SNNC). Through its FDA-certified food facility, the Company produces cannabis-based products and other non-cannabis wellness brands. Dave explains that the Company’s name is cannabis spelled backward, Sibannac, and provides the history of evolving from a cannabis ad platform, generating its income for cannabis advertisers, to the production of CBD/cannabinoids and other wellness products. The cannabinoid-derived products are from compliant hemp outlined under the 2018 Farm Bill. Through SNNC’s in-house development team, Sibannac develops kratom plant-based products and additional nutrition, wellness, and fitness brands. David explains that their focus is on anxiety, sleep, and pain disorders. With a professional team, an FDA facility, a variety of plant-based products, and patents, David expects excellent success.

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