SMX (Security Matters), PLC.’s (NASDAQ: SMX) ($SMX) interviews with Haggi Alon, Founder, Executive Director, and CEO, and Zeren Browne, Chief Strategy Officer.


New to Street’s TV Host Monica Malpas from the Nasdaq MarketSite studio talks with Haggi Alon, Founder, Executive Director, and CEO, and Zeren Browne, Chief Strategy Officer of SMX (Security Matters) Public Limited Company (NASDAQ: SMX) ($SMX) (“SMX”). The Company developed authentication and tracking/tracing solutions that ensure supply chain integrity and transparency while providing quality assurances and brand certification. The Company technology gives materials memory using molecular signature markers. The markers can record material movements using a blockchain that validates authenticities and addresses anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, client liabilities, and track/trace. Haggi explains that SMX’s molecular markers placed on raw materials at the point of origin allow for tracking and tracing materials through all stages of product development. Clients in all industry types can utilize SMX technology with the expectation of increasing sales growth and maintaining sustainability. With more and more nations, especially the EU, requiring ESG mandates on various goods/services, tracking, tracing, and authentication are becoming necessary for industries to comply with policy changes and enforcement. Zeren talks about how the fashion industry, with its many facets in clothes, shoes, cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, and accessories, is an excellent end-user for SMX technology. Both consumers and governmental regulatory agencies can have complete knowledge and see full transparency on sourced raw materials and trace production on final goods sold. The luxury fashion brands utilizing SMX technological solutions can improve sustainability, grow/maintain brand recognition, and help with growth/profitability. Haggi tells viewers that gold, aluminum, other non-ferrous metal producers, plastic manufacturers, and recyclers use SMX marker technology. The interview will air on Newsmax TV, episode 451, March 25, 2023, 3:30 PM ET, on Bloomberg TV (sponsored program), episode 452, at 6:30 PM ET, and on the FOX Business Network, episode 453, March 27, 2023, at 10:30 PM PT. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit SMX –

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