Sonar interview, Mr. Michael Wood, CFO, and Mr. Cristiano Troffei, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO).


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New to The Street airs this week TV Anchor Jane King’s interviews with Sonar -Resonance Labs Ltd’s (CRYPTO: PING) ($PING) (“Sonar”), Mr. Michael Wood, CEO, and Mr. Cristiano Troffei, CIO. Michael tells about his business experience in the commodity coffee market. He developed a tracking system that provided an end-to-end solution on international coffee distribution. With that experience, Michael explains the inspiration behind Sonar, created to help individuals learn and understand the crypto market space. Cristiano provides viewers with his technology design experiences and explains Sonar’s uniqueness, giving users a platform for social and financial use. Sonar is a new way to interface with the blockchain, giving users educational resources, analytical ecosystem data, and Defi access tools, all focused on helping people understand the crypto markets. Their crypto tracking dashboard with numerous functions can assist users with real-time information, bringing in a single platform data and analytical tools needed to make a good crypto investment decision.

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