Space Travel Medicines – Vector Space Biosciences, Inc.’s (SBIO) interview with Kasian Franks, CEO and Co-Founder.

Oct 21, 2023

New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King from the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio sits with Kasian Franks, CEO and Co-Founder of Vector Space Biosciences, Inc. (SBIO) (“Vector”). The Company focuses on the development of precision medicines to help humans overcome problems associated with space travel. Kasian tells viewers that until humankind can provide helpful and precision bioscience drugs to overcome microgravity and radiation exposures, colonization on the Moon and Mars cannot ensue. Vector, through its three divisions, a biosciences lab, AI/language modeling & discovery lab, and a CubeSat hardware lab, can create and design specific experiments for biotechs, pharmas, and materials companies. The experimental outcomes provide scientific data for developing new materials, repurposing existing drugs, and developing and creating new forms of precision drugs for space travel and earthly uses. Kasian explains how its AI and language modeling uses data collected and transmitted from a low orbit launched CubeSat sent to Microsoft Azure Space’s platform. Taking the data and adding AI, scientists are making new and exciting discoveries with hopeful countermeasures needed to create medicines to protect and heal humans during spaceflights, landing missions, long-term base habitation, and here on Earth. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Vector Space Biosciences, Inc. (SBIO) –

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