Splinterlands.com’s interview with Mr. Jesse Reich (“aggroed”), CEO, Steem Monsters, LLC.


Mr. Jessie Reich (“aggroed”), Chief Executive Officer, Steem Monsters, LLC, sits down for his New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in-studio interview with New to The Street T.V. Anchor Jane King. Jessie explains and updates viewers about the Company’s gaming platform Splinterlands.com (CRYPTO: SPS) ($SPS). Splinterlands’ goal is to become a completely decentralized game that allows players full ownership and control over their gaming accounts. With censorship occurring on legacy gaming platforms, players removed from these games lose their assets, banked earnings, and rankings, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Splinterlands’ ecosystem is fully functional on a blockchain, fully decentralized, which protects users’ privacy, assets, and financial holdings from potential losses caused by censorship. Jessie explains that Splinterlands is switching over to decentralized validator nodes before the end of 2022. The validator node software is fully open-source, easily allowing anyone to download, install, and run it with no extra cost/fees. These nodes can surely provide added value to end-users. Those in the ecosystem with time, money, or both enjoy the many ways to “Play-to-Earn.” “aggroed” wants Splinterlands to be the W3 gaming marketplace with various gaming platforms. The Company continues to look for other avenues to expand the reach of its ecosystem with the recent announcements with Warner Music and future blockchain integrations with sporting venues.

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