SportemonGo’s (Crypto: SGOX) ($SGOX) interview, Mr. Ricky Jackson, CEO


New to The Street TV welcomes back to the show, Mr. Ricky Jackson, CEO at SportemonGo (Crypto:SGOX) ($SGOX). Talking with Anchor Jane King, Mr. Jackson talks about the Company’s unique cryptocurrency, with a purpose to revolutionize both the interactive gaming, NFT collectible, and broader sport experience industries. He explains Sportemon Go’s blockchain tokenized sports, NFTs, Metaverse, and betting. The Company successfully minted its first Premier League Soccer (Football) league star and released the NFT from its SporteNFT Marketplace platform. The Company’s metaverse platform allows users to participate in Greyhound dog and formula 1 racing games. Through NFTs, users can own, sell, buy, rent, place bets, own racecourses on Def1 car racing and MetaRaceWorld dog racing platforms. As an end-to-end sports Company with a management team with years of experience, SportemonGo continues to evolve with new and exciting sports crypto user opportunities. Ricky sees a strong future ahead for SportemonGo.

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