Stacks’ (CRYPTO:STX) ($STX) interview, Dr. Muneeb Ali, Ph.D., Founder.


Dr. Muneeb Ali, Ph.D., Founder, from Stacks (CRYPTO: STX) ($STX), joins New to The Street with TV Anchor Jane King. Dr. Ali explains the uniqueness of the Stacks token ($STX), designed to bring smart contracts and decentralized applications using Bitcoin ($BTC). As an open-source blockchain, developers use $STX to build apps, smart contracts and digitally secure using Bitcoin. In 2013, while pursuing his doctoral degree at Princeton University, Dr. Ali said that he became very interested in the technological fundamentals of Bitcoin. With this inspiration, he developed Stack. $BTC is sound money as a digital asset, but Dr. Ali explains that Stack decentralizes the $BTC blockchain using it as a programable blockchain like Ethereum. Using over $1T in $BTC value, Stacks gives developers a good platform for smart contracts. A recent crypto developer report revealed that $STX is used by over 40 developers using the token backed by BTC for digital apps and smart contracts. Dr. Ali gives a forecast about the overall $BTC market in terms of its cyclical nature and says plenty of opportunities exist bringing more technological advancement, furthering the evolution of $BTC growth.

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