“The Business of Blockchain” segment with TV Host Jane King – Topic: “Bitcoin Mining and Energy Solutions,” sponsored by Bitdeer Technology Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BTDR) ($BTDR); interviews with Elliot David, Head of Climate Strategy at Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol, and Samantha Robertson, Director of Commercial Strategy at Bitdeer Technology Group, Inc.

Feb 20, 2024

From the Nasdaq MarketSite StudioBitdeer Technology Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BTDR) ($BTDR) (“Bitdeer”) sponsors New to The Street’s “The Business of Blockchain” segment. TV Host Jane King is with guests Elliot David, Head of Climate Strategy at Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP), and Samantha Robertson, Director of Commercial Strategy at Bitdeer Technology Group, Inc., discussing the topic: Bitcoin Mining and Energy Solutions.” Wind, solar, hydro, new crypto mining techniques/technology, and market powers have significantly changed the Bitcoin mining industry’s business practices and operational models. Eillot David explains that Bitcoin mining is a data center industry designed and organized to protect and secure the Bitcoin network. Miners constantly seek to become “Carbon Neutral” through innovations and renewable energy methods. Bitcoin mining is not energy intensive, as many believe it to be. The energy usage is around 145 terawatts, about 0.25% of global emissions. Bitcoin mining has a small carbon footprint compared to other industries, like cement, which produces high carbon emissions. Bitcoin mining’s approach to decarbonization makes it one of the friendliest climate asset-class industries. Samantha, an executive at Bitdeer, the segment’s sponsor, gives some historical insight into the Company’s Founder/Chairman, Jihan Wu. She described him as the “Waren Buffet of Bitcoin,” a visionary and expert in understanding the Bitcoin commodity marketplace. Under his leadership, Bitdeer has 6-data centers globally: three in the USA, two in Norway, and one in Bhutan. One of the Company’s centers is in Texas, a state with the highest percentage of renewable energy creation. The Country of Bhutan is one of the largest sustainable hydroelectric renewable energy producers globally. In Norway, Samantha explains how Bitdeer’s data center recycles the heat byproduct to provide energy for nearby greenhouses to produce food. Eliott talks about the partnership between Bitdeer and SBP, working with miners to access clean energy sources. SBP will access a miner’s energy source to determine the % of renewable source inputs. After 3rd party validations, Proof-of-Work (POW), and other transparencies, SBP will issue a Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC), utilized or sold to enhance further end-users and investors to reach ESG goals. SBP is not like a carbon credit that expires after being used to offset a carbon footprint; it’s a transferable asset representing one bitcoin’s sustainability. So, miners get 2-assets, BTC and SBC. Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol turns environmental sustainability into an appreciating commodity, supporting clean energy Bitcoin miners. Together, Bitdeer and SBP are innovators in the consent evolutionary Bitcoin marketplace.

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